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Ruby Steel

Senior Design Strategist, Smart Design

Whoever you are, whatever you do, find time

to book in a session with Kate Andrews at SketchBetter. We had an incredibly powerful two hour session with her at our London office, with each and every one of us learning something to actively improve our mental health. 


We are a creative consultancy who use our imaginations every day but rarely stop to think

how to maintain good mental health. In the fast paced business world today it’s hard to stop but

the effectiveness of her work is immeasurable.

I cannot recommend SketchBetter highly enough.





Andy Currums

Director, International Youth Arts Festival

The management and teaching team at SketchBetter are incredibly easy to work with and dedicated to their cause of realising young people's potential through art. The two installations they presented at the International Youth Arts Festival were incredible and turned a reasonably average café space into a colourful festival venue. The children I met who worked on the pieces were clearly thrilled to see their work in a professional space and, most importantly, proud of what they had achieved. The whole project was instigated, managed and supported by the team at SketchBetter and the outcomes were simply excellent. I would work with SketchBetter again in

a heartbeat and look forward to doing so soon.

Molly Molloy

Learning Officer, Turner Contemporary

Kate provided stimulating, simple and engaging workshops for us at the Turner Contemporary, as part of our opening celebrations for Joachim Koester's exhibition: The Other Side of the Sky

(Friday 5 February - Sunday 8 May 2016). 


As we have such a diverse audience it is really important that our workshops are accessible, creative and challenging – all of which 

SketchBetter certainly provided!

Venue Manager








Chris Francombe

Store Manager, Cass Art, Kingston

Kate's and SketchBetter's vision is completely on point with what Cass Art set out to do, so working together made complete sense. 


It’s been a joy to see people of all ages let out 

their inner creativity and express themselves in 

our Art Space and that’s completely down to the passion and energy that Kate and SketchBetter 

put into their courses.



Carol Saunt

Parent & Workshop participant

Thank you SketchBetter for today’s workshop at the Turner Contemporary with Creative Enablers. I am not an artist and found this a difficult exercise emotionally - those who know me and my walks, I’m much more relaxed outdoors. But, I met the challenge head on. Sketchbetter have an important message about the way the national curriculum is delivered in schools, check them out and spread the word if you agree.

Alice Speirs

Mother & Writer of The Filling Glass

When I did art at school, the lesson I came away with was that I was not as good as everyone else and I did not have the right skills and talent. However, in the space of only five Story Spheres I believe there is a different ending to that story. 

I am amazed at what I have drawn.

It has been revealed to me that I can do what

I want in my life, that I can follow where I am led

by my creativity.

Viraji Dias

Mother of art club student

Kate, you do not know how powerful you are and what inspiration you create in kids hearts. They will remember you forever. Please keep on doing what you are doing. You are giving them a very unique opportunity. 


I was looking at them in the studio the other day. They all were so engrossed in their art work, 100% in it. I am so happy to see kids acting like that these days, not staring into their 

computer devices, but calmly and contently putting their heart and soul into their art work.



Mindful Creativity

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Art club student, age 7

SketchBetter is good because everything that we do is really nice. When we do things like creating a Christmas card, you don't have to do exactly

what the teacher says - you can create things in different ways. You can do it the way you want to.

Nikki Hildesley 

Art Inspiring Change Programme Leader, Turner Contemporary

Very insightful and calm session with SketchBetter today. Understanding our character strengths using art and psychology.