Student Awards

At SketchBetter we run a number of weekly, termly and annual recognition awards,

celebrating our students' creative skills development and psychological growth.

Flourishing Flowers

Weekly Recognition

Each of our key-stage 1 clubs have their own Flourishing Plant and each week 2-3 students are celebrated for their positive use or development of one of their Character Strengths (e.g. kindness, resilience, bravery and creativity). Children's names are written on a flower and awarded at the end of the club. Children are then invited to place their flower on the Flourishing Plant where they choose.

Celebrating: Character Strengths

The Mighty Young Creatives

Termly Recognition Awards

Each term, our club teachers select 2-4 students from their clubs who have shown consistent or significant creative skills development (e.g. painting, sewing or design), or positive use of a character strength (e.g. kindness, perseverance or teamwork). These students are awarded with a Mighty Young Creatives Award certificate at their termly art show.

Celebrating: Creative Skills & Character Strengths

Strengths Reviews

Termly Reviews

All SketchBetter, all students receive termly Strengths Reviews, written personally to them from their club teacher. These Positive Education reviews are designed to celebrate individual learning and highlight

artistic skills development, self-directed projects and character strengths. These reviews celebrate the innate creativity and strengths of every SketchBetter student.

Celebrating: Creative Skills & Character Strengths

Best in Show Brushes

Termly Exhibition Awards 

At our end of term exhibitions and showcases, we award Paint

Brushes for 'Best in Show' and Paint Brushes for 'Artistic Excellence'. These awards are chosen at the show opening for stand out artwork and individual creations that evidence exceptional learning, skill and/or creative innovation.

Celebrating: Innovation, Creativity, Skills

The Art Stars

Annual Golden Mannequins

Our annual Art Stars are given to exceptional young people who have shown a consistent dedication and commitment to their own learning over a year at SketchBetter. These young people will have evidenced creative competency and innovation in their own artistic endeavours, as well as an attitude of mindful leadership towards their peers, tutors and the environments in which they work. Open to all ages.

Celebrating: Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Self-Direction