SketchBetter on BBC1 Sunday Morning Live tomorrow!

July 13, 2019

Children from SketchBetter in Kingston are gearing up for a very early start tomorrow, as we're off to the BBC studios in Central London. We've been invited to go and meet the team at Sunday Morning Live and speak to presenters Sean Fletcher and Ria Hebden.


The show are covering the Action for Children report Choose Childhood published this month, and how many people believe childhood is getting more stressful. We're going to be illustrating a few practical activities designed to alleviate children’s anxiety, increase resilience and make them more confident.


Whilst I get interviewed, our group of (rather excited) children will be demonstrating two of our creative activities. One group will be performing "Dancing in Charcoal" (TV gold, right there!) - our large-scale drawing activity inspired by the fabulous artist, Heather Hansen. We use this activity to teach children about slow, mindful and purposeful movement, as well as to celebrate the process of making art rather than an outcome. The children tomorrow will be moving in response to their present moment feelings - anything could happen! ;)


Here's some of students performing Dancing in Charcoal at the Rose Theatre in Kingston in 2018.

A second group of children will be demonstrating, Story Spheres - the intervention I used to sketch myself better and one of the very first tools students learn when they arrive at SketchBetter.


Unlike mindful colouring booksStory Spheres go a bit further than asking the artist to relax. Story Spheres are designed to switch the mind on, to engage with the present moment. Find out all about Story Spheres and see examples from children and people of all ages here.  


The BBC1 Sunday Morning Live programme is broadcast tomorrow at 11.30am. If you miss it, catch up on iPlayer here (Series 10, Episode 5).


Wish us luck, we're off to get an early night!