SketchBetter Spring Art Exhibition, Kingston

April 5, 2019

On Tuesday, we welcomed parents and friends to Alexandra School to view our students work from the last term. Featuring displays from our Key Stage 1 and 2 Art Clubs, Textiles and Theatre Arts Club, and our Open Studio sessions, the school's main hall was packed with beautiful projects, showcasing the astonishing range of talent across our clubs.


Featuring sculptures, paintings, masks and puppets, and a range of glorious textiles work, the Spring Art Show showed the wonderful creative journey our students have been on over the last twelve weeks. Our newly appointed Year 5 Young Leaders were mingling in full force, guiding visitors around the space, documenting the event and collecting feedback. The show was their idea and we are so proud of them.


Students received some wonderful feedback from visitors:


  • "Brilliant!”

  • “Very very good, these children have done such fantastic work!"

  • "This display is so much better than anything we were expecting."

  • "The teaching is obviously completely amazing!" 

  • "Simply outstanding! Every child should have the opportunity to express themselves through art!


KS1 Art

This term our Key Stage 1 children have been learning about their creative and character strengths, and applying them to art projects such as some beautiful and innovative pulled string painted flowers. They also made some beautiful paper weavings, notan designs and ombre skylines. The most impressive piece of the term has to be the groups' mural, inspired by English artist, L. S. Lowry.


KS2 Theatre Arts