SketchBetter launches Young Leaders Programme for 8-12 year olds

January 7, 2019

SketchBetter’s new Young Leaders Programme empowers our most entrepreneurial students to learn about mindful and creative leadership, through the application of individual strengths, teamwork and self-regulation. Launched this month, eight Year 5 students were invited to join the programme.


Our Young Leaders are invited to contribute lesson ideas, empowered to lead their own projects and encouraged to speak up about the causes that matter to them and their peers. At SketchBetter we aspire for all young people to lead their own learning, and to learn in ways that are relevant and appropriate for them. Our Young Leaders help us ensure that our curriculum is relevant and our learning environments joyful.


Kingston Young Leaders:

  • Amelia (10) on Project Direction & Research

  • Charline (10) on Student Support & Curriculum Design

  • Christo (10) on Communication Design

  • Edward (10) on Design Development

  • Lizzie (10) on Digital Education

  • Ida (10) on Public Speaking & Events

  • Michael (9) on Student Health 

  • Niamh (9) on Student Wellbeing 




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