International Youth Arts Festival 2018

May 17, 2018


On Monday, Chantell and I went along to the programme launch of the 2018 International Youth Arts Festival (IYAF) in Kingston. There was cake and party bags. This year is the 10th anniversary of IYAF and we're excited to be participating for a second year.


We have five events in the schedule this year (yes, five!), including an art performance inspired by artist Heather Hansen, a stop-motion animation about the VIA Character Strengths and a trail of beastly sculptures inspired by artist Joan Miró.


Check out the event information below, and do take a look at the other #IYAF events on during the festival! It is going to be amazing.


More info at



SketchBetter Events

A Menagerie of Beasts


07 July, 9am – 15 July, 6pm

Rose Theatre, Kingston upon Thames KT1 1LP, UK


SketchBetter and Alexandra Primary School present A Menagerie of Beasts, a collection of large colourful sculptures, inspired by Spanish artist Joan Miró, positioned around Kingston. The sculptures, designed by 60 Year 3 children, will be roaming around Kingston throughout the festival. Visit the Rose Theatre Cafe to receive a map and info about the beastly sculptures. 


Dancing in Charcoal


Saturday 7 Jul, 11:00am – 12:00noon

Rose Theatre, Kingston upon Thames KT1 1LP, UK


Join us on Saturday 7th July and watch ten SketchBetter students dance and move their bodies mindfully and purposefully in charcoal. Each student will have approximately 10 minutes to perform and create a giant artwork.


Blind Contour Drawing Workshop


Saturday 14 July, 1pm – 3pm

Rose Theatre Cafe, Kingston upon Thames KT1 1LP


Join SketchBetter for a blind contour drawing workshop. This technique has been taught to art students and practiced by the masters for years. Unleash your inner Picasso and redefine that inner "I can't draw" critic. Laughter guaranteed. Pay on the door.


Superhero Strengths Film


Saturday 14 July, 3:45 – 4pm

Rose Theatre, Kingston upon Thames KT1 1LP, UK


Superhero Strengths, created by eleven year old SketchBetter students' Brendan Dias and Luke Sawyer, is a short stop-motion animation about our inner superhero.


Blind Contour Drawing Workshop


Sunday 15 July, 1-3pm

Market Place, Market Place, Kingston upon Thames KT1 1JT, UK