Alexandra Primary School Enters Fourth Plinth Schools Award 2018

March 11, 2018

The Fourth Plinth Programme is UK’s most talked about contemporary sculpture prize. Funded by the Mayor of London and supported by Arts Council England, it invites world-class artists to create new works for display in Trafalgar Square. Each year, London schools are invited to enter the Fourth Plinth Schools Awards. The awards give children a chance to get involved with public art and offer new views of London.​


About The Fourth Plinth Schools Awards

Every year the Greater London Authority invite London’s primary and secondary schoolchildren to create artworks, inspired by the commissions for the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square and London life. Teachers are invited to submit their students' work, as individuals or in groups. These can be in any medium including: drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, digital and video. 


Alexandra School Takes Part

This year we led 120 students across Year's 3 and 4 at Alexandra School in Kingston to take part in the Mayor of London's Fourth Plinth Schools Award. Of the ideas, we submitted 67 entries for the awards. 


Our students explored themes for their sculptures to ensure reasoning behind their ideas. Themes included: Environment, Equality, Play, Humour, Gratitude, Human Rights and Creativity. Ideas ranged from more serious ideas like Meriel's Inequality in Education (top) to the extraordinary like Freddie's Giraffe-Sheep-Man (above left). Some students chose to sculpt their ideas in 3D and photograph them for their submission.


Here are some of their ideas.