My Studio Review

October 25, 2017

Hello everybody, ​​


Charline here. I've written a review about the first month of my scholarship.


Week One


On my very first day at SketchBetter’s Art Studio, I felt ecstatic! I was desperately wondering what the studio would look like when I was climbing up the stairs to it for the first time ever. When I arrived, I was speechless: there was so much to see and explore! There is a long wall cabinet with so many drawers that it is impossible to count them; there is a cupboard with proper lockers; there are lots of display boards which are so huge they are nearly the size of the walls; but best of all, I have my own desk!


After spending quite some time exploring everything, I decided to do some painting. I painted around my hand and then filled the space that I left with doodles. Even though this was simple, it was quite amusing because I invented new symbols and it was a good, relaxing way to let myself flow.


Then I moved onto painting the letter signs that read ART with 3 colours: purple, blue and green. Then, I edited my Tate Gallery blog post, so I could publish it. When I went home, I had a big smile on my face.


Week Two


During my second week at the studio, I felt nervous because I knew that there was going to be an Art Club and I was going to help out. When I peered inside, the club had already started and the children were doing their "calm drawing". I was lucky because I saw one of my old friends from when I was in Year 2 at Alexandra School.


I was there just in time: Kate introduced me to everyone and let me hand out the sketchbooks and the bags. There was an extra book so I got my 6th sketchbook! I spent ages decorating it with washi tape to make it special.


Kate also gave me an old canvas, with a painting on it which she didn't need. I created my own painting on top in autumnal colours.


The art clubs were learning about French artist Henri Matisse and his cut out paper collages. I decided to have a go myself, layering lots of different papers which was fun.


Later on, one of the children asked to go to the toilets. As it is one of my jobs to take the children to the toilets, I showed him where they were. ​​After that, I decided to make a plain wedding dress out of tissue paper on my manikin. It is going to be one of my big, very own, projects!


When the club was over, and the children gone, I helped Kate do an Ancient Egyptian display by stapling some of the trees onto the display. There’s always a lot to do so I never get bored!


Week Three


For my third week at the studio, I felt more confident although I still felt a bit shy because it was the first public after-school Art Club and I didn’t think I would know anyone there. When I entered the studio, I glanced around the room, looking for familiar faces and spotted someone I knew from my own school. 


That day, I felt like drawing so I went to search the drawers for pens but I ran across mosaics! I asked Kate if I could do them and she said “yes” so I set to work on a picture frame. I went round the whole frame once, which was very tedious, so I said to myself “I’ll carry on next time.”


I was so inspired by everyone’s Story Spheres that I did one myself! I did two detailed ones and then watched the class do their feedback (what they like) and feedforward (what they could do next time) on each other’s work.


When the children left, Kate and I watched a rotoscoping video and it was epic! It was when a ballerina did ballet across a room and whenever she did a big move it looked like she was dancing through and in 3D shapes. Here it is...

Next, we watched an Issey Miyake animation and it was fantastic! There were ladies dancing but they weren’t normal ladies, they were letters shaped as ladies! Here it is....

I also borrowed some fashion books from Kate, 50 Fashion Designers and My First Sewing Book.




I loved these first three weeks because I got to do so many different activities. I also loved watching Kate teach the same lesson several times to several classes, because each time she did it slightly differently and I love discussing this with her afterwards. I get to give feedback to my own art tutor, which is quite cool!