SketchBetter Turns Two!

August 2, 2017


In July 2015 I launched SketchBetter at Cass Art in Kingston, with a series of art workshops for children. Today, I'm reflecting back on our achievements over the last two years since our very first marbling workshop.



Year One (2015-2016)


Our first year focused on launching regular after school art clubs and events for children and families. Here are some highlights:



Year Two (2016-2017)


Our second year has been about working more closely with schools and teachers. In September 2016, SketchBetter went inside a school to run two popular after school art clubs and for two days a week I've taught all the school children as Art Teacher. Here are some of our second year's highlights:


Two years on my belief in using creativity for flourishing continues to strengthen. Creativity is not something we learn in a book or because of the wealth of our families, nor is it only for the minority. Creativity is an innate characteristic of every human being. The children who come to SketchBetter create because they are creative... as are each of us. These children are fortunate to have access to a creative education and parents able to bring them to classes and workshops. However, it remains the young people who are the ones who create and make, who fill sketchbooks and try out new skills or share their ideas. All children can do the same. Art education opens the door to so many disciplines that surround us: from architecture, engineering to film, design, fine art and fashion. I feel honoured to in many cases introduce young people to these creative possibilities. 


Creativity oozes from all of the children I meet and it continues to look like untapped potential to me. Every child has their strengths. You do not need art books at home to join SketchBetter - just a little curiosity and an imagination.

Thank you to all of you who have helped me over the past two years. Thank you to everyone who has attended our workshops, clubs and courses. Here's to the next two years and here's to flourishing lives.

Kate x