The Art of Rangoli at IYAF 2017

July 10, 2017


Inspired by an Ancient Hindu art form, three young girls performed The Art of Rangoli for The 2017 International Youth Arts Festival in Kingston. The two day performance piece was led by eleven year old Ella Bradshaw and her two friends Emma Stansfeld and Lovisa Parker.


The girls researched and designed all their rangoli designs themselves and created their colourful mandalas using paint-coloured rice. The did three performances, the first being a 2hour piece on the floor of the Rose Theatre Cafe, and then hour designs in Kingston's Market Square and on Kingston riverside. 


Saturday 8 July 2017: The Rose Theatre, Kingston

Sunday 9 July 2017: Kingston's Market Square

On Sunday morning we met at the Rose Theatre and the girls' spent 30 minutes planning out their designs for the day. They wanted to create a peacock design and worked wonderfully to design it before heading to Market Square. Artist Michelle Hazell joined us for the afternoon and led a public workshop for children to have a go with the colourful rice.