Super Humans opens at the Rose Theatre

July 8, 2017


On Friday 7th July, our explosive installation called Super Humans opened in the Rose Theatre Cafe in Kingston.


As part of the 9th International Youth Arts Festival, Super Humans hung above the guests for the festival launch night. 


Super Humans is the culmination of a term-long project in collaboration with the Year 3 teachers and children at Alexandra School in Kingston. Coinciding with their teaching topic of Super Humans we have been learning about installation art and specifically exploring the work of British Sculptor and Installation Artist Cornelia Parker. Cornelia is most famously known for exploding a shed and crushing pieces of silver with a steam-roller. Her work is wonderfully experimental and we could not wait to try our own.


Our Process

We created two visual installations to be displayed at the Rose Theatre Cafe in Kingston. The first installation is an exploding sculpture of found, broken, crushed and painted objects. All the items were either already broken or heading to landfill. Some of the Year 3 children visited our school building site and had their chosen objects crushed by a digger, just as Parker similarly did by steamrolling pieces of silver. Here's a video capturing a few of the objects being crushed and the excitement of the children.

We then had to prime all the objects, to ensure any paint would stay put. Our objects ranged from a rusty and crushed school chair, plastic ducts, wooden cable drums, a flattened silver sieve and a burst basketball.