Wellbeing Week at Russell Primary School

May 23, 2017

We had a wonderful day at the Russell Primary School in Richmond today, working with over 90 children from across years 3, 5 and 6 as part of their Wellbeing Week. 


Children worked with us for 90 mins to learn about the power of their innate creativity to enhance wellbeing and increase happiness. We started with a short discussion and meditation, bringing us all into the moment together and clearing up any unwanted emotions that anyone had. We then spent 20 minutes drawing our current feelings as Story Spheres. The children really embraced these and expressed their feelings in many different ways. We then came together as a group and every child was invited to share their Story Sphere with their peers, if they wanted to do so.

Completed Story Sphere and Vibratone


My Story Sphere is called 'Sunshine Baking Over Sad'. 

I am feeling great now, but I did feel sad. Now I feel great because

it's important to think positive and believe in positive.

Georgia, Year 6

 "My Story Sphere is called 'Happy Life'. I am feeling happy and excited

because it is sunny, and tired - I didn't get much sleep because I was

up all night reading." 

Sienna, Year 5


We then introduced the children to watercolour painting and covered some important skills: how to hold a brush, the differences between wet on wet and wet on dry techniques, how much paint to use, how to wash your brush and how to layer colours. We introduced the art of painting feelings and how this means everyone can paint something. We discussed how colour and shapes can capture feelings and then the children all had a go themselves. 

Painting Feelings in Watercolour


Thank you to the Russell School for inviting us to take part in your Wellbeing Week. We absolutely loved meeting your children and teaching them an introduction to Mindful Creativity.

Completed Story Sphere by Year 3 girl

Painting Feelings in Watercolour


Our Mindful Creativity Programme for Schools offers primary school children the chance to draw feelings, discuss emotions and paint thoughts. Children learn about their innate strengths and how art and creativity can increase confidence. Contact Kate at kate@sketchbetter.org for information and bookings.