Visiting Kingston Antiques Centre

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

The Glass Sculpture at Kingston Antiques Centre

During the Easter holiday, my family and I went to the antiques shop in Kingston. You can visit the shop website at Kingston Antiques Centre is an old shop, full of not cheap, yet not fake, old stuff with history hidden inside every item.

You can explore the centre without getting bored, because you can read the funny - and stuffed with deep meaning - books, which you’ll be reading for hours.

Of all the thousands of items, the thing that my mum and I found most interesting was a black, red and silver coloured glass sculpture. It was so packed with beautiful colours and textures it really felt like I was looking into an undiscovered galaxy! It had a shiny glass outer layer, so I called it the Glass Sculpture.

That was not the only thing I loved, but definitely one of the most fascinating things that caught my eye. There was tons more to see though! The shop is like a maze and has lived for years on the cold streets of Kingston.

There were some other cool looking ancient things, so I thought to myself that I shouldn’t focus only on the one sculpture, and I was right! There were some Indian masks and paintings, which I can not forget!

We spent a lot of time in the shop and yet still ended up not seeing some things. I left feeling excited. I was thinking about the glass sculpture and what I could do with the inspiration. I think that I might be able to make one, but just not with glass... maybe I can make my own sculpture out of plastic or using a glue gun!

Editors Notes:

Like Lizzie, are you inspired by the Glass Art? Check out these artists and designers working with glass today:

THE SEVEN STAGES OF DEGRADATION by Sophie Thomas and Louis Thompson

A series of glass sculptures made from hand blown glass and found beach plastic. Exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Show 2018.

Dale Chihuly - an American glass sculptor and entrepreneur. Chihuly makes intricate and organic sculptures from glass. His exhibition Reflections on Nature is on show until October at Kew Gardens.

The history of Glass Art is significant. Check out Murano Glass and the history of Marbles is fascinating. For even more information and history, Sotherby's offer a wonderful review of 'Glass Art through the Ages' here.

Finally, check out this wonderful videos about Glass Blowing, the first from LEMON ArtLab,

...and this one from KidVision.

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