Exhibition Review: The Spring Art Show

SketchBetter and Alexandra School's Art Show - Spring 2019

Hello! My name is Lizzie and I am a SketchBetter Young Leader! The Creative Kind blog was created by my tutor Kate, and I am thrilled with excitement! This is my first blog post.

Three weeks ago, we had an Art Exhibition at my school, all about the artwork that students made in SketchBetter clubs during the Spring Term: Textiles Club on Tuesdays, Art Clubs on Mondays and Fridays, and Theatre Art Design on Wednesdays. Here is the story of how it went.

After lunch time on Tuesday 2nd April, the SketchBetter team gathered the most exciting art exhibits that were created by our students for display. They were all different sizes, colours and textures, and included a mini model of a museum with tiny paintings, junk robot sculptures, massive A1 productions from our ‘dancing in charcoal’ sessions and heaps of paintings, weavings and drawings.

At 1.40pm, our first visitors arrived, a little early, and we were not quite ready yet. However, as they entered, the preparation process itself turned into the one of exhibits! We kept organising the space whilst collecting comments and first impressions from visiting parents. Bright colours and rich textures on the sewing table attracted their attention for several minutes while all the Young Leaders (Edward, Michael, Amelia, Ida, Niamh) and some of the club’s students (Meriel, Sophia R, Chingiz and many others) finished putting up the last decorations and fixing little bits that were falling down.

Textures and colours galore from the Textiles Club display

Finally, at the moment when the very last thing was placed in order, I realised that room was full of adults with their children and friends. We were delighted to see how many people came to support and express their interest in our art and creativity. As a Young Leader I joined my team in making sure that everybody was happy and enjoyed their time.

Suddenly, in the middle of the fun I discovered one of the paintings leaning on the side and struggling to stay on the wall. A little emergency was resolved and no other accidents happened.

Magical masks and puppets by Theatre Arts Club

I was pleased and honoured to be asked multiple questions about the Owl I drew with charcoal. Felix's prawn cocktail crisp dress was the star of the show - he made it using large sheets of pink paper, markers and glue. An unnamed painting of a mannequin was also very popular among our visitors.

After a while I asked Helen (one of our SketchBetter teachers) how could I help more and I received a piece of paper and the task to interview the parents about their impressions of the exhibition. Results were marvellous - adults loved our works and they were proud of their creative children.

Two boys I spoke to were very enthusiastic and keen to be interviewed. However, when I asked them a question they couldn’t stop giggling and the only words I managed to understand was that the art work was amazing and the artists talented. Well, we did aim for joy and happiness for all our guests.

The hour passed quickly and the parents seemed to want more. But it was the time to tidy up and for other children to return to their classes. At the end of the day all our team was happy and pleased with the very positive vibes and awesome feedback from our friends and parents.

I look forward to the next time we can reveal the results of our hard and incredibly interesting and inspiring work, with the SketchBetter teachers Kate, Helen, Flo, Chantell and Alicia.

By Lizzie, age 10.