Exhibition Review: Summer Art Show

Hi all! My name is Michael, and I want to write and tell you about what a wonderful time I had at the SketchBetter Summer Art Show in Kingston this month. I hope you enjoy reading this and looking at all the photographs!

On Tuesday 16 July, I took part in a huge exhibition of children's artwork. Firstly, I would like to explain the setting up. Wow! This took a very long time. I was helping out from 3.30pm, straight after school, and the teachers were still putting things up at 5.30pm!

All our artwork was first piled up in the small hall and we then had to spread it out and take it to the big hall, too. I had to carry lots of model boats into position, and helped Helen create a sea setting to display them.

Whilst putting everything up, I remember that lots of the school teachers kept stopping by to look at everything. I said hi to everyone who came to visit :) It was really exciting to be a part of the set up!

When we were sticking the work up onto the walls, we realised we had to use as little white tac as possible, because we didn't have lots left. Eventually we did run out though and Flo had to run to the newsagents to get some more. Phew! We finally finished just in time, and then all the exhibiting students and parents came flooding in! The awards were ready too!

Finally, after a whole term of clubs and lots of hard work, all our art and design pieces were set up and it looked amazing! On display, we had patchwork pillows, tote bags and woollen wall hangings from Textiles Club, mini theatres and huge lanterns from the Theatre Design Club, bunting, boats and leaf drawings from the Year 1-2 Art Club, and acrylic paintings and outside observational drawings from the Year 3-5 Art Club.

There was also all the paper clothes from the International Youth Arts Festival project (see photos from the Fashioned From Paper project here), individual project work from the Open Studio, and much much more!

When everyone had finished looking around and taking pictures, and all that mumbo jumbo, Kate, Flo, Alicia, Helen and Mrs Mabelis all sat at the front with a mysterious box of awards and we made a semi-circle around them. Then Kate started talking for a very VERY long time, I will sum up what she said here...

Hello everybody. Thank you for coming. This is what we will do - I will let my colleagues go and give out eight golden paint brushes for 'Best in Show' and 'Artistic Excellence' - given to outstanding artwork on show in the exhibition. After that we will hand out the termly club awards for the SketchBetter values (The Mighty Young Creative Awards) and then announce our new annual awards for outstanding effort throughout the year (The ArtStars).

Then, everybody scrambled around the halls as the art teachers gave out the golden paint brushes. I am very happy to say that I received a golden brush for my black and white paper collage (above) and an ArtStar, too!

After all the awards had been given out, Kate said big thank you's to the teachers who were leaving. She said how great Flo, Helen and Mrs Mabelis have been, and why. After that everyone who had awards came to the front and had a group photo! 

If you have read this whole review, thank you so much. I really hoped you enjoyed reading it and I hope you will come along to our next exhibition in December! By Michael, age 10.

(See all the photos from our Summer Art Show here).