Interview: Tom Box, Blue Zoo Animation

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

Hi, I'm Brendan.

Here's my interview with Tom Box, Co-founder of Blue Zoo Animation Studios.

Brendan: Hi Tom, What was your first animation?

Tom: My first animation was made when I was between 8-10 years old, using my mum's camcorder! It was a stop-motion animation of a dragon. I made all the sets for it too.

Brendan: How did you first find out about animation?

Tom: Just like you, I loved Aardman animations and anything that involved stop-motion techniques. I also enjoyed watching animations like Postman Pat, which maybe weren't as cool as what the other kids were watching, but I just loved the style.

Brendan: What advice would you give me?

Tom: Keep doing what you are doing! Practice practice practice. Try new things and experiment. Whenever you can go to animation exhibitions, festivals and events too.

Tom mentioned Canterbury Anifest - an animation festival for people of all ages - where you can experience animation and get involved in workshops, masterclasses, talks and films.

Brendan: What software could I practice on?

Tom: You can download free software from Aardman, or if you are ready for something a bit more advanced, try Blender and Sculptris - both are free to use too and are a good introduction to the sort of thing Blue Zoo use. You can watch tutorials online to learn how to use those.

Thank you Tom Box and the team at Blue Zoo for such a wonderful studio tour and warm welcome. Well done Brendan for your hard work and for continuing to embrace new challenges.

Like Brendan, are you interested in animation?

Start. You have the tools and tutorials available to you.The first step is to pick up a pencil and start drawing, or grab some clay and start modelling! Start. Experiment. Play. Check out the Blue Zoo blog for their Top 10 Storyboarding Tips and 5 Simple Tips for Animating Cartoony Characters