Filmed on BBC One!

On Sunday 22 July 2019, my morning started at 4am. Which was very bizarre, but I just couldn't sleep any longer! I was off to the BBC television studios and was so excited to get there and dance my socks off!

Once we'd got ready it was 6am and we went to pick up my friend, Lana. After collecting her, we headed straight to the BBC studios in Central London. The roads were so quiet as it was so early. When we got there, it was pouring with rain!! We then were told surprising news that we were going to be filmed outside. OUTSIDE. But, trust me, despite the cold and the rain, the experience was worth it!

We were given our own mini card thingies (apparently they are called, 'lanyards') that we hung around our necks! This is really exciting for me because I never had one before. The people working there are so nice! One camera man asked me how I was doing and he also joked around! It brightened my day immediately. Thankfully, we were filmed under a roof that sheltered us from the rain, although we were still outside. I didn't mind, actually - we warmed up quickly by starting to practice our activity, before they started filming.

Let me tell you one thing, the TV cameras are HUGE! Ginormous! One was about eight metres above the ground! Ok, maybe I am exaggerating, but still! ...And all of it was used to only be filmed for two minutes of the show! But, again, IT WAS WORTH IT!!!

Kate was interviewed(!), and Mia from my class! I did some backbends to entertain the crowd that was behind the fences, watching us and everyone from the BBC One’s Sunday Morning Live show repeating their lines and movements over and over again.

I was in the group who were 'Dancing in Charcoal' on big paper sheets on the floor. We discovered that there were the names of the capital cities in the world. I was coincidently dancing on Astana - the capital city of my home country, whose name was changed by the new President to ‘Nur-Sultan'. But, that's not what we're talking about here. You see, we were Dancing in Charcoal for nearly half an hour, but when we finished, that was the time when they just started recording. So what you might have seen on TV was us smudging our picture first (and trying not to add more elements to it), and then drawing them later.

Overall, it was great fun and if you have an opportunity to try it yourself, do not hesitate to say "YES". If you didn't see us, you can watch us on Sunday Morning Live (Series 10: Episode 5) on BBC iPlayer here:,

Thank you for reading my experience of being filmed. I hope you have great time off school and enjoy your summer holidays! Goodbye!

By Lizzie, aged 10.