Positive Psychology Coaching

Positive Psychology Coaching (PPC) is an evidence-based coaching practice

for the enhancement of resilience, achievement and wellbeing, which can help you

to flourish in all areas of your life.

Are You Flourishing?

Positive psychology coaching is “a scientifically-rooted approach to helping clients increase well-being, enhance and apply strengths, improve performance and achieve valued goals” (Kauffman, Boniwell & Silberman, 2009).  

Kate Andrews MSc offers personal 1-1 coaching services to schools, adults and children. Coaching sessions are offered in blocks of 4-6 sessions so you can make a sustainable change and track your progress. Clients come for a variety of reasons, from low self-esteem, relationship challenges to career aspirations. Coaching can support you to; Identify and apply your strengths, achieve your goals, boost resilience, increase well-being, ignite creativity, strike a balanced lifestyle, or discover a new direction. 


If you are curious about coaching for yourself, your child or your school please get in touch at hello@sketchbetter,org or book a 20 minute free consultation below. You can schedule 1 hour, 90 minutes or 2 hour sessions at a frequency that suits you across a 3-6 month programme. Sessions can be held via video call or in person across Surrey, UK.

"Everyone should have a Life Coach. In the same way you need to take care of your body with plenty of movement and nutritious food, I encourage everyone to take good care of their mind. I have enjoyed the magic of having sessions with Kate for over two years and the positive impact on my life is hard to even quantify. In every area of my personal and professional life, she has guided me to be healthier and happier. Her techniques are so clever and empowering. Signing up for coaching is the best decision I've made in a long time."

Ruby, Senior Design Strategist

Client Testimonials

"I have really benefitted from my Coaching sessions with Kate, during the last 6 months. Her Positive Coaching techniques have helped me to learn how to live a happier and more fulfilling life. She has helped me to build my confidence in both my personal life, and my career, and I can't thank her enough. I found Kate through a recommendation from a friend and it's the best ever investment I've made in myself.


Imogen, PR Consultant

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