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SketchBetter Creatives

Fashioned From Paper for IYAF 2019

BBC1 Sunday

Morning Live

Theatre Design Workshop

Dancing in Charcoal

for IYAF 2018

Superhero Strengths Animation, IYAF 2018

Trip to London Fashion Week Festival

Super Humans Installation, IYAF 2017

Kids' Art Exhibition, 

Cass Art Kingston

Mindful Creativity at Turner Contemporary

Story Spheres Exhibiton, Cass Art 

Summer Art

Show 2019

Kingston Entrepreneur of the Year 2018

Spring Art

Show 2019

Kingston's Cardboard Challenge 2018

A Menagerie of Beasts for IYAF 2018

Year 3 Ancient

Egyptian Museum

The Art of Rangoli,

IYAF 2017

Parent Workshop, Turner Contemporary

Kingston Cardboard Challenge 2016

Mindful Creativity at

St. George's University