SketchBetter Education

SketchBetter classes include three elements; Positive Education (including meditations,

gratitude practices and drawing visualisations), Art & Design Education (including theoretical

& practical artistic skills), and peer-reviewed independent creative time.

A Positive Education

Positive Psychology is the scientific study of the strengths that enable individuals and communities to thrive. The field is founded on the belief that people want to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives, to cultivate what is best within themselves, and to enhance their experiences of love, work, and play. Positive Education is an approach to education that blends academic learning with character & well-being. Preparing students with life skills such as: grit, optimism, self-love, resilience, growth mindset, engagement, and mindfulness amongst others. Activity examples include:

  • LovingKindness

  • Letters to the Future

  • Strengths Cards

  • Story Spheres

  • Mindful Meditations

  • Gratitude Practices

A Creative Education

Year 4 SketchBetter student preparing for a performance 

Our education and curriculum encourage students to ignite their innate and unique creativity, and to use their imagination. 

At SketchBetter students use critical thinking to create new and meaningful ideas, are encouraged to take risks, to make mistakes, to experiment, be independent and flexible. Students learn to develop their ability to find various solutions to a problem and no two students are expected to deliver the same solution to a brief. Visual Art and Creative disciplines taught at SketchBetter include:​​

  • Design

  • Drawing

  • Illustration

  • Painting

  • Printmaking

  • Photography 

  • Architecture

  • Animation

  • Collage 

  • Sculpture

  • Textiles

  • Theatre Art

A Personalised Education

SketchBetter students embracing diversity and teamwork

SketchBetter student working with personal interests

Our school fosters diversity by offering a broad curriculum and encourages individualisation of the learning process. We foster curiosity through creative teaching, and focus on awakening creativity and teaching character strengths. Students are supported to learn a variety of skills, identify their own interest areas and strengths, and to learn at their own pace. All students are offered time for experimentation and exploration, and offered peer-reviewed feedback and feedforward on individual work.

At SketchBetter, all students from age 5:

  • have working sketchbooks for personal use

  • are taught to identify their strengths and how to use them

  • have time to explore, experiment and develop interests

  • have the opportunity to share individual work with peers