Our Scholarship Award programme supports the development of disadvantaged SketchBetter

students through unlimited access to our services. In both 2017 and 2018 we were proud to offer an annual

scholarship, worth £5000, to an exceptional and deserving young person. 


The Art Scholarship is designed to offer awardees a personalised opportunity to learn, explore,

experiment and flourish. Supported by a team of highly experienced creative practitioners, psychologists

and educators, the scholarship supports the awardee to apply their innate creative strengths and to learn

how best to apply them in every area of their lives, for the scholarship year, and beyond.

2019: Georgia

Georgia has been a student at SketchBetter since 2017. She is a young carer to her older sister. She is an avid fibre artist, seamstress and maker, and is constantly working on craft and textiles design projects, including a patchwork tote bag, a number of intricate and layered sampler books and bags, fibre collages and a giant patchwork blanket "as big as my bed!". This 9 year old young lady is kind, creative and humble. She is a natural designer with an unmistakably style and approach to textiles that both staff and students can identify already! For all these reasons, we are excited to award Georgia our third scholarship and the opportunity to explore other disciplines. The scholarship will give her the time and space to harness her enthusiasm and exploratory approach to textiles design and fibre art. Watch this space!

2018: Felix

Felix has been a student at SketchBetter since 2015. He has stood out since the very first day. He lives with Autism and here at SketchBetter we truly believe it's Felix' superpower. His mind and imagination is extraordinary and whilst  academic learning can sometimes prove difficult, given a glue gun, a pencil and a sketchbook Felix blows us and the other students away. 


An avid storyteller, Felix is constantly inventing fantasy worlds, stories and characters. He loves drawing, contemporary sculpture and textiles, creating some outstanding costumes and fashion. Felix was awarded a scholarship for 2018, which offered him unlimited time at SketchBetter to develop his creative skills and build his resillience. 

2017: Charline

Charline has been a student at SketchBetter since 2016. She took part in our first Kids' Art Exhibition at Cass Art and went on to be awarded the first annual SketchBetter Scholarship in 2017. Charline is a young carer to her older brother. She is an avid artist, constantly working on multiple projects, from sewing her own clothes and illustrating fashion designs to constructing intricate architectural models and environments.


Charline also took part in the award winning Dancing in Charcoal performance at IYAF 2018. Since her scholarship, Charline joined our Young Leaders programme and continues to provide the SketchBetter Leadership Team with inspirational ideas to improve our curriculum and services.

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