SketchBetter is a creativity and wellbeing school. We provide

visual arts and positive psychology learning opportunities, courses

and events for young people, adults and families. All of our programmes are underpinned by the very latest research in Positive Psychology -

the science of wellbeing and happiness. Our goal is flourishing

lives and our method is creativity.

Our Vision

We believe in a better future for our young people and for the way

we all understand and practice education. Our vision is a transformation

of global education, towards a Positive Education model that promotes character

& well-being alongside academicsOur vision is a world of empowered young

people, who know their strengths and how to use them, who can direct their own

learning and who are compassionate and mindful leaders of their own lives.


Our Approach 

We offer practical and creative services and tools for learning and 

teaching wellbeing, mindfulness and positive psychology to children,

young people and adults. We champion and educate everyone we meet

to prioritise their wellbeing by igniting their innate creativity. We create spaces, moments and experiences for awe, gratitude, creativity, resilience, curiosity

and humour. We provide children and young people with the skills and

creative tools that they ask us for. 

Enquiries: hello@sketchbetter.org